Here’s the Thing: I’m on Vacation, Pals

I was going to try to write today’s letter at the airport and then Monday’s letter while on vacation, but then I remembered that is FOOLISH because no one cares if you take a hootin’ break!!!!!!!!!!

So here is some general advice:

1) bring thick socks on flights they are always cold come on

2) have baby wipes at your house they always come in handy for like 6,993 Things

3) if you’re packing a PB&j to eat for later, put peanut butter on both breads and jelly in the middle so you don’t have soggy bread

4) get AAA if you’re a car owner! It’s the best $40/year you can spend and you can get your registration (plus a lot of other boring tasks) done there rather than the DMV with no line.

5) check in with an older friend or relative. Better yet, write them a quick letter if you have the time and know their address! Everyone loves letters!!! Just write “I’m saying hi because I’m thinking of you and who doesn’t like to get a letter?” You don’t have to get fancy!

Ok that’s all 💕 see you on Wednesday!!!! I hope you all kiss someone you have a crush on or eat a slice of a rich cake this weekend!!!!!!