Aw, Sophia, this was beautiful and thoughtful and exactly what I needed to hear. The part about not having to be magnanimous all the time really resonated with me. I've tried to be gracious! and kind! and happy for my friends! but honestly sometimes I just feel like I'm in the muck of grief and can't accept that other people's lives (at least in this aspect) are just easy, while mine is really, really hard. It's fucking unfair and shitty.

Also, lmao at the reddit miscarriage support groups!! How did you know?! (For the record, reddit >>>>> facebook for grief support groups. The women there are way cooler, even if the rest of reddit is kind of a bro-ey internet hellhole).

I don't think I'll ever truly be "over" the grief until I bring home a baby, and maybe not even then. But in the meantime, I can show up for myself.

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